United Methodist Women

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."

Greeting to our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
On behalf of the UMW, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of those men and women who helped with our Fall Festival. Through your efforts we were able to have a net profit of $2100. With these funds we should be able to meet all of our financial commitments through the summer of 2020.

At our October meeting, we approved the following donations:
• $100 to our Youth program
• $300 to assist the Boy Scouts to secure wifi access at the Scout Lodge
• $100 to Robbins Elementary to buy school supplies
• $100 to an NC halfway facility for alcoholic women and their children
• A tbd donation to furnish one of the bedrooms for Tambra's House

We are sad to report that Judy Seldomridge, our secretary resigned. She also served as one of our shepherd's table team leaders. For the remainder of 2019, Randie McGurrin has agreed to serve as our Secretary and Treasurer. We do need a replacement for Shepherd's Table Team Leader. Please contact Randie, Liz Hagy, or Joyce Keller if you are willing to serve in this capacity.

Please join us for our next meeting on November 11th at 2 pm.

God Bless,
Liz Hagy

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