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Greetings from the UMW,

The May meeting opened with a devotion given by Peggie Crouch in which she shared the late Billy Graham's answers to 5 questions people about what happens when we die.

Our May program was given by Tambra Chamberlain, Moore County Social Worker, in which she gave a breakdown of the homeless population in our county. Currently there is approximately 340 homeless school age or pre-school age children living in our area. Ms. Chamberlain and her associates also laid out a plan underway to build a transitional home for young women experiencing homelessness. These young women would be defined as not having the same place to go home to sleep at night that is safe and sufficient. Also, the youth is not living in the custody of a parent or guardian. Donations to this project are being managed by Community Presbyterian Church.

During the business part of our meeting Treasurer, Randie McGurrin reported a register balance of $3,759.32. For our mission of the month from May-July, members voted to give $200 to Tambra's Place, to house young women experiencing homelessness and $100 to support an upcoming pilgrimage by our youth.

The Fall Festival committee, headed by Linda Donnell, conducted its first Brunswick stew cook-off during our meeting. Congratulations to Peggie Crouch whose recipe now advances to the committee's next cook-off.

Our next meeting will be held August 12th at 2:00 pm. We pray that everyone will have an enjoyable and safe summer.

Liz Hagy

"Yours are the only hands with which He can do His work.
Yours are the only eyes through which His compassion
can shine upon a troubled world."
St Theresa of Avila 1515-1582

May Greetings to Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our Methodist Women want to thank all of those who helped us with our Spring Feast Dinner. Through your support, we were able to meet our financial goal of $1,800 and with donations exceeded $1,900. The first half of our meeting was spent evaluating ways to improve next year's dinner.

Linda Donnell gave us a detailed account of how the Shepherd's Table program was inspired by the 2016 Leadership Academy sponsored by our conference that she and Preacher Won attended. Linda developed the Shepherd's Table as an off shoot of the Food Pantry. She reviewed the goals and accomplishments of the program to date. Linda also informed members that the Leadership Academy would be visiting our church in the near future to observe this program in action.

The Fall Festival planning committee provided an update showing we are currently on track for the September 28th event. Teams have been setup including: advertising, baking, publicity, and setup/cleanup. It was agreed by those present that we would use the Girl Scouts to help us with this event.

As our mission of the month for March and April, it was decided that we would donate $100 to the NC Breast Cancer Awareness Organization in support of Shirley Allen's recent battle with this disease and $100 to support our Shepherd's Table.

The program that was scheduled for April's meeting was postponed until our May 13th meeting at 2 pm (a new time). Please join us in May to find out about our county's school age homeless population and efforts to help them.

Liz Hagy

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