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West End United Methodist Church is a place to share God's work among His people.

Children and Youth Information for Families
Children and Youth Information for Families
Children and Youth Information for Families

Worship at West End UMC

In-Person Worship

Explore the essence of worship at West End UMC. On our Worship page, discover comprehensive insights into the heart of our worship experiences. Learn about the diverse styles that cater to various faith journeys, and delve into the ways worship brings us together in sacred unity. Let this resource be your guide to understanding the transformative power of worship within our church community.

Prayer & Intercession

Request Prayer Now

Discover the strength of shared supplication on our Request Prayer page. At West End UMC, we unite in prayer for your intentions, whether they be joys or challenges. Together, we foster a deeper connection, finding solace in our faith community. Join us in this sacred practice and submit your prayer requests, knowing you're never alone on this journey.

Events & Announcements

Visit Page

The Event & Announcements page serves as a dynamic hub of information on our website, keeping our congregation and visitors up-to-date with the latest news, events, and happenings within our church community. From upcoming worship services and special programs to volunteer opportunities and community outreach initiatives, this page ensures everyone stays informed and engaged in our shared journey of faith.