United Women in Faith

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."


"O Lord, grant us success. Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord."
Psalm 118: 25, 26

The United Women of Faith in the United Methodist Church represent a vibrant and empowering force within our congregation. Comprising women of diverse backgrounds and ages, this dedicated group is united by their unwavering faith and commitment to serving both their church and the wider community. They come together regularly to support one another in their spiritual journeys, fostering deep friendships and a profound sense of sisterhood. Beyond the walls of the church, the United Women in Faith are a dynamic force for positive change, engaging in various outreach programs, charity initiatives, and advocacy efforts. Their passion for making a difference is a testament to their strong faith and the belief that together, they can uplift lives and spread God's love far and wide. Their unwavering dedication inspires all who encounter them and serves as a shining example of faith in action.

Visit www.uwfaith.org

UWIF will be taking a summer break during June, July, and August from the first Monday of the month meetings. The next meeting will be the SECOND Monday of September due to the Labor Day Holiday on the first Monday. May the summer days be filled with refreshing from the Lord that awakens our hearts with joy! See you in September!