Food Pantry Shepherds Table

Food Pantry
The WEUMC Food Pantry is our largest outreach ministry. It was started in 1993 in a rental storage unit on a shoestring budget. Today, it has its own building with a budget of $40,000 per year with additional support from Food Lion, the North Carolina Food Bank and other outside organizations. More than thirty people regularly help to provide a large box of food bi-weekly to about 200 needy families. More than $40,000 is donated by our church and others sources to support this ministry. The food pantry takes place every other Wednesday from 8:00am to 10:30am. See calendar for more exact dates.

Shepherd's Table
In 2017, WEUMC started the Shepherd's Table which takes place during the Food Pantry. People who come to the Food Pantry for food can also stop by the fellowship hall for a free breakfast. Shepherd's Table also provides used clothing and shoes for people who need them and a place for people to submit any prayer needs. Those that attend Shepherd's Table are welcomed, loved, and prayed for by the volunteers at the Shepherd's Table.

Want to help?
Shepherd's Table is always looking for help. If you would like to bring food or help out in anyway, contact us, and we will send your information to the team leaders, Magda and Joyce.

For over a year now, one of the many ministries that comes through the United Methodist Women has been the Shepherd's Table. This ministry provides a healthy meal and a time of fellowship for those who come to the Food Pantry for a box of food. The goal of this ministry has been to build relationships and offer Christian fellowship with those whom we serve. The interaction with the Food Pantry prohibits sharing our faith with those recipients, but when they choose to join us in the fellowship hall for a meal, we are not bound by those restrictions.

One of the most important aspects of this ministry has been the Prayer Request vessel. During the time of serving the meal, there is someone, most recently Larry Wells, who sits near the entrance, offering the opportunity for written prayer requests as well as prayer with him while they are there. These written prayer requests make their way to the 11 a.m. Wednesday prayer group that meets at the church. Each request is prayed over and then taken home by a member of the prayer group to continue lifting that need up in prayer. Many of our guests have come back to say that they have had prayers answered.

The greatest blessing to those who work in this ministry has been the relationships that have been built and cultivated. More often than not, the blessing is what WE receive from them rather than what we share.

When our new facility is completed, the goal is to expand ministries with this group by offering food preparation demonstrations that will help recipients to make good use of the food in the boxes, sharing recipes for some of the dishes made by our members, and surveying the guests/recipients to find out other needs that we might fulfill through the church.

We are thankful for those members of the UMW and the congregation who have prepared and served food. As we expand this ministry, if you feel lead to join those serving, please contact Liz Hagy, Joyce Keller, or Magda Sonderfan.