Small Groups

Have you ever wanted to join a Small Group?

The WEUMC Small Group Organizing Team is looking for people who would like to participate in a small group. If you are interested, please fill in the information below and place in the offering plate. The organizing team will contact you for a meeting in October to facilitate matching people with like interests.

Benefits of Small Groups:

  • Bible study and discussion in a less intimidating environment
  • Ability to make lasting friendships
  • Support when needed from a group that knows you well
    Ongoing social support and fun
  • Mission opportunities within the small group

We have a variety of small groups led by different members of the church. If you want information about small groups that meet in the evening, please contact us and we will connect you with the right people. We also have a weekly prayer group at 11am on Wednesday that anyone is welcome to attend. Finally, Bread of Life is lunch and a bible study for widows, widowers, and other elderly people in the community.

Sign up for a Small Group using this secure form or download a hard copy from our Online Library, then drop it in the offering plate.